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Price List for Portraits, Figures or Landscapes

All painting is in Oil or Acrylic on Canvas

Prints & Paintings for Sale - Portraits & Commissioned Artwork by Request
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11" x 14"


Head & Shoulders

20" x 24" - 22" x 28"


Half length

20" x 30" - 24" x 36"


Three-quarter length

30" x 36" - 36" x 48"


Full length

38" x 48" - 42" x 70"


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Prices are calculated based on life size figures and may be adjusted if they are painted on a smaller scale.

The above sizes are approximate. The prices indicated are for figures painted against simple backgrounds. Additional fees will be charged if intricate clothing and/or detailed background settings are chosen. 

Prices do not include artist travel expenses, framing costs, shipping fees and any state or city sales tax, where applicable. A one third non-refundable deposit is required with a signed contract. A second payment of one third is due when the color study is approved. The balance is due when the completed portrait is delivered to and accepted by the client.

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